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CWDM Passive Systems

CWDM passive system with the "point-to-point" topology CWDM passive system with the point-to-point topology allows to increase the existing fiber capacity between two or more communication nodes located at a distance of up to 100 kilometers from each other.


This category includes communication lines between access nodes and switching centers of the provider's network.


The system under consideration allows to organize an optical network with a density of up to 9 duplex channels and data rate up to 11.13 Gb/s.




System Capabilities:


  • organization of up to 9 channels in a single fiber;
  • support of all transmission protocols;
  • transmission of any kind of traffic: data, voice, multimedia.


Transmission Medium Features:


  • single/dual optical fibers;
  • maximum route length of up to 100 km (depending on fiber-inserted attenuations);
  • maximum value of fiber-inserted attenuations of about 35 dB (depending on the number of implemented channels).