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CWDM Power Meter



CWDM Tester

CWDM Power Meter is designed to measure optical radiation characteristics in PON networks and CWDM systems. The ability to make measurements at 18 wavelengths ranging from 1270 to 1610 nm makes the CWDM Power Meter an indispensable tool for the use of CWDM systems.


With its broad functionality, CWDM Power Meter is easy to operate and allows to perform most operations with pressing just one key.


All measurement results are displayed on the LCD display of the device and can be stored in its nonvolatile memory. If necessary, information on any of the prior and stored measurements can be displayed.


The bright display backlight of the CWDM Power Meter ensures its comfortable operation even in low light conditions.


The software supplied with the power meter simplifies the analysis of information obtained. For purposes of clarity, the information about measurements shall be displayed in text and graphic formats.


CWDM Power Meter is compact and very handy when operated in field conditions.



  • simultaneous measurement at 18 wavelengths;
  • high accuracy and performance;
  • its compact size and ease of operations;
  • up to 50 hours of battery life;
  • easy PC connection and a visual representation of information;
  • graphic and text display of measurement results;
  • low cost.







Wavelength, nm

 1260 … 1620

Input optical power, dBm 

- 30  … +10

Step of wavelengths , nm


Accuracy wavelength, nm

ITU ± 6,5 

Measurement units

dBm or mW 

Accuracy , dBm

± 0,3 



Fiber type


PC Interface

USB 2.0 



Display backlight


Power source

Li-ion battery, 6V AC/DC

Battery life, hr

Up to 50 

Working temperature, °С

-5  … +50

Weight , gm


Size, mm

170 х 111 х 40





  • FC / PC, SC / PC (optional) connectors;
  • Power Adapter DC (used for charging);
  • Batteries type AAA;
  • Set for cleaning connectors;
  • Carrying case;
  • USB cable for connection with PC;
  • CD with software;
  • Instruction.


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