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CWDM Optical Multiplexers



CWDM Optical Multiplexers/Demultiplexers (MUX/DEMUX) are designed to combine and separate signals, which are transmitted over single-mode fibers at wavelengths of the CWDM range.

There are two types of optical multiplexers: single-fiber and dual-fiber ones. Single-fiber optical multiplexers allow to organize 9 duplex or 18 simplex optical channels in one single-mode fiber.

Dual-fiber optical multiplexers form up to 18 duplex channels and up to 36 simplex channels in dual fibers. These limitations are related to the CWDM wavelength grid: 18 carriers within the range of 1270 – 1610 nm in increments of 20 nm. Standard optical multiplexers have configurations with 2, 4 and 8 duplex channels + 1 Port-Express. In optical multiplexers, this port is used to expand the capacity with the application of idle CWDM wavelengths or to create CWDM+DWDM hybrid schemes.

We may separately note CWDM optical multiplexers, which allow to transmit an analog TV signal jointly with digital flows via a single optical fiber.

Optical multiplexers organize the physical data transmission medium, therefore they do not depend on the type of transmitted data and protocols.



  • organization of up to 18 channels in a single fiber;
  • unlimited transmission rate;
  • completely passive device;
  • no problems with breakdowns, reboots;
  • low insertion losses;
  • high channel isolation;
  • low reflection of signals;
  • independence from transmission protocols;
  • low unit cost of one channel;
  • connector type: LC/FC/SC;
  • design options:

19-inch rack-mountable;

standalone in a metal case;

ABS plastic box.

  • availability of Express Port;
  • operating temperature range: -5°C ~ +70°C;
  • storage temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C.




MUX CWDM 8      MUX CWDM 18   MUX CWDM sta





Single channel

Duplex channel


до 9

до 18 

Wavelength, nm 

  1270 - 1610 step 20

Accuracy wavelength, nm

  ITU ± 6,5

Return loss, dB 

> 45

Insertion loss, dB

  < 6,3

Channel isolation, dB

> 30

Maximum input optical power , mW

< 300

Filter for CATV


Filter of DWDM range


Package dimension, mm

432 х 203 х 44 (rack unit 19”)
100 x 80 x10 (ABS box)

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