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CWDM OADM Add/Drop Multiplexer is designed to organize the signal output at a predetermined wavelength from an optical line in the CWDM system. These devices are called Add/Drop modules — CWDM OADM (Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer).


The OADM module, extracting the desired signal, passes the rest of the emission unchanged. OADM modules are passive devices.


Single-sided and dual-sided modules have a fundamental difference. Single-sided OADM can seize and add a signal in the line towards one multiplexer. Dual-sided OADM can establish a connection with two multiplexers, and the line will have no idle channels.


OADM module can output 2 – 8 channels from the line. In the latter case, the OADM module acts like an ordinary CWDM module.


Solutions with OADM modules allow to save optical fiber to a large extent in such instances as:

  • optical fiber lease;
  • line capacity expansion unless it is possible to lay additional fibers;
  • at networking in businesses.



  • organization of up to 9 add/drop points;
  • low insertion losses for transit channels;
  • independence from transmission protocols;
  • connector type: LC/FC/SC;
  • design options:

         19-inch rack-mountable;

         ABS plastic box.

  • availability of 4/6 ports: Com, Express, Add, Drop;
  • operating temperature range: 0°C ~ +70°C;
  • storage temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C.









Single channel

Duplex channel

Wavelength, nm

2 waves

4 waves 

Step of wavelength, nm


Accuracy wavelength, nm

ITU ± 6,5

Return loss, dB

> 45

Insertion loss “Pass, dB 

 < 1.0

< 1.5 

Insertion loss “Add, dB 

 < 0.7

 < 1.2

Insertion lossDrop, dB

 < 0.7

 < 1.2

Channel isolation, dB

> 30

Maximum input power, mW

< 300

Filter for TV

1310nm or 1550nm

Filter of DWDM range


Package dimension,  mm

432 х 203 х 44 (rack unit 19" 1U)
100 x 80 x 10 (ABS box)

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